Throwback Thursday {National Salsa Month/Cinco de Mayo}

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! What better way to celebrate with our neighbors south of the border than with some fresh salsa made from ingredients from farms right here in Arkansas. It’s also a great way to celebrate National Salsa Month! Two-Bean Tacos with Dry Salsa   Fresh Peach and Tomato Salsa   Grilled Southwest Steaks...

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Throwback Thursday {National Tortilla Chip Day}

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The month of February has an amazing holiday to celebrate after Valentine’s Day: National Tortilla Chip Day. To celebrate this day in style, we’ve compiled some sassy salsa recipes to set the mood. Enjoy!   Toasted Black Bean and Avocado Quesadillas   Fresh Salsa   Five Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla...

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Two-Bean Tacos with Dry Salsa

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by Arkansas Women Bloggers member Rhonda Franz of Let’s shake up the way we’re making tacos, shall we? I’m sharing a recipe favorite in our family by showing you how to fill crispy tortilla shells, and hungry tummies, with bean tacos. By breaking away from the normal (and Americanized) ground beef mix, Mexican...

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Fresh Peach and Tomato Salsa

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Peaches, beautiful peaches. Oh, how I love you so. Our local peach orchard had a delayed opening this year due to the weather and the opening day anticipation all but put me into a tizzy. Who doesn’t love a fresh juicy over-ripe delicious peach? A week ago, I was in Amish country for a family wedding, exploring the bountiful...

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Fresh Salsa – Thank You Garden Bounty

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Fresh from the garden salsa makes me happy. I love it with fresh tortilla chips, on tacos or just by the spoonful. This recipe is so simple but has a fresh, delicious flavor. First, let me reassure all of you out there that say: “I can’t cook,” “How do you cut up jalapenos?,” or “Onions make my eyes water” that you can...

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