Throwback Thursday {National Dairy Month – Cheese}

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To celebrate National Dairy Month, we are sharing recipes that showcase one of our favorite dairy products: CHEESE! Celebrate with us and cook up one of these tasty dishes. Let’s start off with the ultimate cheese platter for National Cheese Day on June 4. An Easy Cheese Plate Cheese Grits and a Fried Egg   Sausage...

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Throwback Thursday {National Egg Month}

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Did you know that in 2015, Arkansas farms produced over 3 billion eggs? That’s a lot of eggs! To celebrate National Egg Month, we’re highlighting some amazing egg recipes.  Pepper Jack Sausage and Cream Cheese Breakfast Casserole   Fresh Sorrel and Mushroom Omelets   Spring Frittata   Spinach and Scrambled...

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Throwback Thursday {Southern Comfort Food}

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Arkansans, like all southerners, love our comfort food. Here are some recipes to bring a down-home taste of southern comfort food to your table. Southern Fried Steak and Gravy   Cheese Grits and a Fried Egg   Going Green with Southern Collards   Fried...

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Confessions of a Smoothie Skeptic

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Have you ever had a moment of realization when it hit you that you were wrong? Dead wrong? I’m coming clean to tell you I was dead wrong about smoothies. Whenever I heard the word “smoothie” or someone mentioning “I had a smoothie today,” I thought it was cover for something akin to a having a milkshake – more of a...

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Honey Blueberry Pecan Rice Pudding

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My mom has always had a knack for taking simple, inexpensive ingredients and creating recipes out of them that made us feel like we were eating better than royalty. As in most things, this magical trait went unnoticed as I was growing up. But as I raise my own children, I can see it truly took something more than pixie dust to feed...

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