Throwback Thursday {Fish and Seafood}

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Fishing for a recipe that’s fresh from the water? We’re ‘hooking’ you up with some recipes that include the catch of the day. Crawfish Boil   Tilapia with Stewed Tomatoes   Smoked Trout, Rice, Asparagus and Pea Salad   Pecan-smoked...

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Venison Sausage Waffle Tacos

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Our family loves big Saturday morning breakfasts. We sleep a bit later, take a little more time waking up, and eat a lot heartier. Our guys love eating wild game bagged right here in Arkansas, so our Saturday morning breakfasts are a great time to cook some venison sausage. We also love waffles, so these Venison Sausage Waffle Tacos...

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Throwback Thursday {Venison Recipes}

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Have the deer hunters in your family filled your freezer with the bounty of the hunt? Here are some great recipes to keep your hunters and the rest of the gamily happy and well-fed. Pan Fried Venison Venison Gravy Ground Venison Pasta Sauce with Fresh Basil Paprika-Pepper Venison...

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Loaded for Bear Stew
Feb 15, 15

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I love old cookbooks. Back when I worked at the public library, I checked the book donations for old cookbooks. One such rescue was a vintage Wild Game Cookbook from the Remington Sportsman’s Library circa 1968. Thanks to a successful deer season this past year, we have a freezer full of deer meat. We use it in most of our meals...

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Arkansas Duck Fever {Delta Duck Wraps}

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Paul Michael’s Delta Duck Wraps and Arkansas Rice and Edamame Pilaf

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Venison Gravy
Oct 13, 13

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As promised, here is how my friend made Venison Gravy earlier this week. It's a rare occasion for me to have Venison Gravy so I definitely gorged myself.

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