Throwback Thursday {Kids In The Kitchen}

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What better way to enjoy spending time with your kids than in the kitchen making things they want to eat. Here’s some kid friendly recipes to get you started. Frozen Banana Pops Fruity Drinks   Bacon and Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket   Homemade Chocolate Syrup   Birthday Treats for...

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Throwback Thursday {National Dairy Month – Ice Cream!}

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As the old song from the 20’s says,”I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” If your family is ‘screaming’ for ice cream, try one of these mouth satisfying recipes. Caramel Apple Pecan Ice Cream   Roasted Banana and Toasted Walnut Ice Cream   Dessert Tacos 10 Tips for Delicious Homemade Ice...

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Throwback Thursday {Spring Break Camping/Dutch Oven Cooking}

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Camping is a perfect way to spend Spring Break with your family. Try out some of these great recipes over the campfire or grill. Grilled Spring Pizza with Basil Microgreens   Roasted Red Pepper Grilled Pizza   Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler   Dutch Oven...

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Hot Drink Bar
Feb 08, 16

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A hot drink bar is a warm, tasty cure for cold-hearted winter blues. When the weather is dreary and children need to warm their bones, it’s time to set out the makings for delicious drink selections the whole family, and perhaps a few friends, will appreciate. For a scrumptious hot drink bar, you’ll need: cold or cool winter...

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Kids in the Kitchen: Birthday Treats for Children (and Adults)

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Children’s birthday parties are as much about socializing with friends and family as celebrating another candle on your child’s cake. Do you have a plan to feed all those guests? If your party doesn’t include a large pizza order, preparing hearty snacks above and beyond the traditional cake and ice cream fare ensures no one...

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Delicious Snow Day Fun!
Feb 23, 15

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Kids all around Arkansas are out of school enjoying the beautiful snow. Moms are washing 12 extra loads of clothes and trying to find some warm, entertaining ideas for when they are inside warming up. We do not get this beautiful, fluffy snow often in Arkansas, so why not make some snow ice cream? When it starts to snow, place a...

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