Fail-proof Spinach Artichoke Dip

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Growing up, my mom always kept a fantastic garden, one I continually took for granted because as a preteen – well, who really wants to garden? I’m thankful I can look back and see how amazing we had it. One of the crops we always had plenty of in the spring months was fresh spinach. This usually meant we were having spinach...

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Divine Deviled Eggs ~ with Pimento Cheese

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If there’s one dish you’ll find doubled or tripled at any Southern picnic, family reunion, funeral meal, church gathering or holiday, it’s deviled eggs. And even then, the folks who brought them aren’t likely to go home with leftovers. Deviled eggs are such a part of our culture we give plates designed to hold them as...

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An Easy Cheese Plate
Mar 10, 15

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Do you like the idea of a cheese plate to serve to guests with wine before dinner or even for dessert? Do you find yourself staring blankly in the cheese department, overwhelmed by the choices and the prices? Don’t be shy. I’ve seen you there right beside me with eyes glazing over. Never fear, “Taste Arkansas” is here to...

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