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It may not feel like fall just yet, but it’s time for our fall issue of Arkansas Farm Bureau’s Front Porch magazine (which you can see here). This fall’s issue focuses the bountiful harvest of Arkansas farmers that helps fill our holiday tables or football tailgate plates at this time of year. Whether it’s...

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Five common misconceptions about your holiday bird

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It is no secret that my parents raise turkeys for Butterball LLC. Last year I even shared a behind-the-scenes look at turkey farms in this very magazine. As an insider, my friends that don’t have access to the farming lifestyle ask me tons of questions. I am happy to share a little bit about our family farm and what I’ve learned about agriculture. I thought this year, in honor of Thanksgiving, I should share five misconceptions that I am asked about on a regular basis.

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Pecan-smoked Trout
Apr 20, 12

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Smoking with pecan shells makes for a milder, but still tasty, smoky flavor. Its subtleness goes well with the mild flavor of fish. Soak the pecan shells in water 4 to 12 hours before using. The first recipe below is for smoking trout and is adapted from Steve Wright’s excellent book “Ozark Trout Tales.”

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Peanut Butter: Not just for kids anymore

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There really isn’t a better snack than a generous dollop of peanut butter paired with an apple or banana. Peanut butter reminds me of a time when my biggest deadline was finishing my mud pie before dark, when the most expensive thing on my wish list was a two-wheeler and when my biggest confrontation was over which toy I got to...

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