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Chocolate Gravy ~Like a Warm Hug from Grandma

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Chocolate gravy is sort of a southern secret. People who grew up here in Arkansas know all about it, people who didn’t are amazed that it exists. Basically, you take a big, hot, fluffy, homemade biscuit and cover it in chocolate gravy goodness. Seriously, what is there not to love about that? A chocolate gravy recipe is a...

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Cast Iron Dutch Oven Giveaway ~ Plus, Some Arkansas Deliciousness

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It’s no secret that I love my cast iron. I admitted my love for all 18 of the pieces I own and use regularly when I shared  how to season cast iron on this post.  After that, I heard from many of you that you would love to cook with cast iron, but you do not own any…GASP! Well, Arkansas Farm Bureau is going to remedy...

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Shopping from Your Freezer – Oxtail Vegetable Soup

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Keeping a freezer organized is the nemesis for many. I have a chest freezer which is probably more susceptible to chaos than an upright one. Because I’m somewhat OCD when it comes to the freezer, I will clean and reorganize my freezer at least every three months. With this frequency, it usually takes me less than an hour to empty,...

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Honey-Fennel Roasted Carrots

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During my weekly meal planning sessions there is rarely anything that I don’t get excited about with the small exception of what in the world to make for side dishes. The winter is exceptionally difficult for me because the amazing bounty of summer is still forever away, so the prospect of more root vegetables can be a bit...

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Containing and Organizing the Freezer

By    Posted in Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Growing up, freezing and canning fruits and vegetables occupied most of our family’s time during summer and fall. We relied on the bounty from our gardens to fill most of our menus during the remainder of the year. It was a way of life typical to practically every household around us. Outside of jams, jellies and tomatoes, I...

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How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Ordering and Reading Seed Packets

By    Posted in Farmers Markets, Herbs

by The Park Wife Gardening is a little bit addictive. Yes, it starts innocently enough. You grab that hearty little tomato plant that catches your eye with visions of salsa dancing in your head. It grows beautifully and most importantly, it’s delicious. Heady with success, your next step is usually a modest garden of several...

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