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NWA vs Hunger
Mar 05, 15

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Taste Arkansas connects Arkansan’s interested in food; from farmers and ranchers to chefs to moms looking for recipes to feed their families. But, did you know that one in five Arkansans suffer from hunger? One in four kids in Arkansas suffer from hunger and Arkansas leads the country in terms of senior citizen hunger....

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Cleaning Your Wood Cutting Board

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I have a gorgeous cutting board, monogrammed of course, from my friends at Paul Michael Company of Lake Village. It’s so beautiful and special that in the beginning, I was afraid to use it. I was afraid to add dangerous bacteria and ruin the beautiful finish. I decided I should probably just keep it for “looks” and...

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Corned Beef Dinner {Slow Cooker}

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Happy March everyone! I am not Irish, but once March rolls around I get excited about St. Patrick’s Day parades, Irish food, Irish music, Irish pubs, and people wearing every shade of green in an effort to not get pinched. It is a day for many to share memories and their heritage, but for me, it is also a sign that spring is...

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Mixing Up Breakfast: Protein Cereal for a Filling Morning Meal

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New food recommendations are on the horizon, or didn’t you hear? Eggs are no longer the enemy (too much sugar is). Protein is encouraged. And there’s lots of love for the Mediterranean Diet, a heart-healthy diet with heavy emphasis on fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean protein. The path back to whole foods is paved with good...

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Delicious Snow Day Fun!
Feb 23, 15

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Kids all around Arkansas are out of school enjoying the beautiful snow. Moms are washing 12 extra loads of clothes and trying to find some warm, entertaining ideas for when they are inside warming up. We do not get this beautiful, fluffy snow often in Arkansas, so why not make some snow ice cream? When it starts to snow, place a...

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Winter Citrus Salad with Warmed Honey Vinaigrette

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February and March are often referred to as the months of winter hibernation and winter fatigue. Do you feel it? These months are the time of year when we have dreams of spring in our hearts and itchy fingers wanting to work in the soil. Daffodils are pushing up to say hello and before we know it, the stalls at the local farmers...

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