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Kids in the Kitchen: Oregano-infused Tomato Enchiladas

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The inspiration for these enchiladas come from one of the many old cookbooks I had access to as a child in my mom’s kitchen. The page with its recipe became worn and splattered after the main ingredient, a generous tomato filling, piqued my interest and suited my tastes. I experimented with variations and found that partnering...

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Marinades 101
Apr 19, 16

By    Posted in Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Arkansas farmers are some the best in the world. Cattle, pork and poultry farmers provide a reliable, safe source of the very best meat for people not only in Arkansas, but around the world. One way to make a delicious meal is by marinating Arkansas-grown meat. Marinating is soaking meats or vegetables in a mixture of oil, an acid...

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10 Ways to Use Cabbage
Apr 12, 16

By    Posted in Arkansas Recipes, Farmers Markets

Whether you grow your own cabbage or buy it fresh from the farmers market or grocery store, this is the time of year for it. Prices are cheap and the fresh cabbage is tempting enough to buy a head or two. Here are some great ideas for enjoying it. 1. Slaw – Nothing says spring like a fresh bowl of colorful slaw. Here’s a recipe...

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Velvety Asparagus Soup with Creme Fraiche

By    Posted in Arkansas Recipes, Soup

I tend to be a predictable gal with my asparagus. Roasted in a hot oven or grilled is usually my preference, not just for flavor but for ease of cooking. However, sometimes I like to branch out and make an unbelievably simple soup that satisfies all the senses. It has the beautiful combination flavor of leeks and asparagus, a...

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Iron-skillet Roast Beef and Root Vegetables

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For most of my life, our family farm was one of the more than 28,000 farms in Arkansas raising cattle. For years, my dad was part owner of a local sale barn that helped get cattle to market. Our freezer was usually filled with home-grown beef and pork. I have a deep appreciation for the work these local cattle ranchers put into...

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Pork Lover’s Iron Skillet Pizza

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Back in our early married days, my husband and I built a home on my parent’s farm. Our piece of land is part of the original homestead my farming ancestors settled on in the mid-1800s. Generations of McNeals have farmed in this part of Arkansas. We raised a hog and had it butchered this past fall. We raised it in an area we’re...

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