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Tailgating Recipes to Kick-off Football Season

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It ‘s tailgate season in the South. We plan weddings around bye weekends, put on our Sunday best a day early; and set up makeshift living rooms under tents complete with our great-grandmother’s silver, floral arrangements and flat-screen TVs outside the stadiums. Tailgating isn’t just a way to kill time before kickoff....

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Summer Bounty Still Going Strong

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by Arkansas Women Bloggers member Lyndi Fultz of nwaFoodie There’s a real thing called season fatigue. It happens when we enter a season full of excitement about what lies ahead, ready to fully embrace everything it has to offer and suddenly it happens. Fatigue sets it. We get tired and ready for something new. Are you feeling...

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Grilled Peach, Plum and Watermelon Skewers

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by Arkansas Women Bloggers member Lyndi Fultz of nwaFoodie Summertime is grilling time. A popular side dish to grilled foods is grilled fruit. Yet many people who’ve tried grilling pineapple are stumped when asked what other fruits would taste delicious if grilled. The inspiration for this side dish came when I visited Vanzants,...

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Southern Fried Steak and Gravy

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By Arkansas Women Bloggers member Mary Wood of Run of the Mill Mary One of my favorite things about growing up on a farm in central Arkansas was raising cattle. I loved checking the cows with my dad, driving slowly through the pasture in our old, beat-up truck, looking for cows that were about to calf. We would take our time,...

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Ark-Asian Country Style Pork Ribs

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By Arkansas Women Bloggers member Mary Wood of Run of the Mill Mary My introduction to hog farming came at the age of 10. A neighbor’s sow had a litter of pigs. One of the little ones kept being pushed to the side when it came feeding time, and earned the designation of a ‘runt.’ A runt’s chances of survival are pretty slim...

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Steak and Eggs with Arkansas-Grown, Grass-Fed Beef

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Steak and eggs is one of those meals that works well for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ingredients for this plate of food can be grown in your own garden or purchased from Arkansas growers—including the beef. The beef for this recipe came from Top O’ the Mount Farm in Winslow, where a small herd of grass-fed cattle roam and graze...

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