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Lemony Sweet Pea Bruschetta

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When spring fever hits and warm weather arrives, we Arkansans love to dine outside. Anywhere away from mosquitoes will do — poolside, lakeside, on the screened back porch. Our food lightens up, too, as we enjoy homegrown goodness from the garden. Green peas remind me of spring. A bowl of fresh peas makes an easy, versatile side...

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Fail-proof Spinach Artichoke Dip

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Growing up, my mom always kept a fantastic garden, one I continually took for granted because as a preteen – well, who really wants to garden? I’m thankful I can look back and see how amazing we had it. One of the crops we always had plenty of in the spring months was fresh spinach. This usually meant we were having spinach...

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Divine Deviled Eggs ~ with Pimento Cheese

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If there’s one dish you’ll find doubled or tripled at any Southern picnic, family reunion, funeral meal, church gathering or holiday, it’s deviled eggs. And even then, the folks who brought them aren’t likely to go home with leftovers. Deviled eggs are such a part of our culture we give plates designed to hold them as...

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Smoked Trout, Rice, Asparagus and Pea Salad

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Spring is an active and bountiful season in Arkansas, and it’s best to get outside and enjoy as much as possible. My husband and I enjoy trout fishing on the White and Little Red rivers. I developed this recipe after a productive fishing trip using several trout smoked in our electric smoker. It’s a family favorite. We use...

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Basmati Gourmet Rice Recipe by Miss Arkansas Rice Jenna Martin

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by Jenna Martin, Martin Farms From a young age, I’ve wanted to share the importance of and speak for Arkansas agriculture. In 2013, I was granted that opportunity when I was crowned Miss Cross County Rice and then Miss Arkansas Rice. This allowed me to promote rice and agriculture throughout my county and state. Rice, a versatile,...

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Liquid Gold Chicken Stock

By    Posted in Dutch Oven Cooking, Slow Cooker, Soup

Making your own chicken stock is easy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A homemade stock is like liquid gold at my house. It makes the food tastier, reduces food waste and it freezes well. Although store bought is convenient, a homemade broth has more flavor. Trust me on this. Before we get started, though, let me make...

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