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Homemade Ice Cream {Kitchen Tip Tuesday}

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Freezer Pop: Pop the container for your ice cream maker in the freezer!  Do not get caught you’re your ice cream ready to go and then realizing you never froze the container.  The bowls of most ice cream makers take at least 24 hours to freeze. If you have room, just store the bowl of your ice cream maker in the...

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Homemade Arkansas Peach Ice Cream

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It’s summer and you know what that means. It’s time for ice cream and maybe even a little ice cream social. Parties are always fun and a party with ice cream is tops with me because we are big ice cream fans. Consider yourself invited to this little soiree we’re having this week on Taste Arkansas. It’s all about ice cream so...

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National Ice Cream Day, Let’s Celebrate!

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Happy National Ice Cream Day! Hot temperatures in Arkansas mean it is time for some delicious, cold ice cream! Join Taste Arkansas as we celebrate all week long with delicious homemade ice cream recipes. We will also be giving away an ice cream maker at the end of the week. So, get ready to gather around and celebrate this creamy...

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Fresh Peach and Tomato Salsa

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Peaches, beautiful peaches. Oh, how I love you so. Our local peach orchard had a delayed opening this year due to the weather and the opening day anticipation all but put me into a tizzy. Who doesn’t love a fresh juicy over-ripe delicious peach? A week ago, I was in Amish country for a family wedding, exploring the bountiful...

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Fresh Corn Tips {Kitchen Tip Tuesday}

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by The Park Wife Freshly harvested corn on the cob is a treasured rite of summer, head to the farmers market or check for Arkansas Grown corn in your local grocery because the time to enjoy it is right now. Sweet, crisp and oh so yummy, this humble vegetable is able to capture the essence of the season in a single, satisfying bite....

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Fresh Salsa – Thank You Garden Bounty

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Fresh from the garden salsa makes me happy. I love it with fresh tortilla chips, on tacos or just by the spoonful. This recipe is so simple but has a fresh, delicious flavor. First, let me reassure all of you out there that say: “I can’t cook,” “How do you cut up jalapenos?,” or “Onions make my eyes water” that you can...

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