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Gingerbread Pumpkin Pie
Nov 22, 14

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‘Tis the season for pumpkin. Is anyone else getting that feeling? It’s just so good, warm and rustic, not to mention beautiful. Whether we’re talking the bumpy pumpkins (yes, that’s the official name) that you set on your porch or pie pumpkins baked and pureed to perfection, the colors and textures of...

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Slow Cooker Pork Roast with Root Vegetables

By    Posted in Dutch Oven Cooking, Slow Cooker

Fall is especially nostalgic for me. A time when the first wisp of smoke from a nearby chimney harkens me back to my childhood, hog slaughtering season and my grandfather’s smokehouse. Being my grandfather’s self-appointed apprentice smoker, I learned early on the ways of wood smoke, its mysteries and its magic. That smokehouse...

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Turkey 101 {Kitchen Tip Tuesday}

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It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving without a big, beautiful, juicy turkey. Stumped on how to pull that off? Here are the basics on how to have a beautiful, delicious Thanksgiving turkey. What to buy: fresh or frozen turkey? There’s not much difference between a fresh or frozen turkey. Fresh is more convenient if you’re...

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Honey-Baked Apples with Golden Raisins

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I remember sitting at my grandmother’s breakfast room table, smelling cinnamon in the air and having baked apples. These days, I find making them comforts my heart and soul, as well as my taste buds. This recipe is easy and timeless, because the best dishes are simple and old-fashioned. Print...

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An Apple A Day… {Kitchen Tip}

By    Posted in Kitchen Tip Tuesday

There’s nothing quite like the flavor of a crisp, juicy apple or the rich, spicy scent of freshly baked apple pie. Apples are a staple in fall holiday cooking but not all apples are created equal. For instance, some apples just don’t make good pies. They’re too sweet, too mealy and too tart, disintegrate when cooked,...

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Scrumptious Pumpkin Scones

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It’s fall, have you had your fill of pumpkin yet? Bread, spiced lattes, soup: I believe there is never too much of a good thing. Another good thing: pumpkin scones. A delicious alternative to sugary pastries, scones are drier than donuts, less sweet than cinnamon rolls, and are ideal as a multitasking fall food...

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