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Kids in the Kitchen: Birthday Treats for Children (and Adults)

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Children’s birthday parties are as much about socializing with friends and family as celebrating another candle on your child’s cake. Do you have a plan to feed all those guests? If your party doesn’t include a large pizza order, preparing hearty snacks above and beyond the traditional cake and ice cream fare ensures no one...

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Slow Cooker Corny Risotto

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Are you a risotto lover who avoids making it, because it seems too difficult, too time consuming or both?  Then give this Slow Cooker Corny Risotto a try. It combines the rich flavors of corn, rice and cheese with the ease of preparation in the slow cooker. So while you go about your busy day, a delicious dish will be ready for...

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Asparagus Omelet Rolls with Spring Onions and Shallot Sauce

By    Posted in Arkansas Recipes, Dinner

Enjoying spring yet?  Don’t you just love the green buds bursting forth and daffodils popping up to say hello?  The first signs of spring have me anticipating the freshness of seasonal produce and the opportunities to make the most of them. In honor of spring, this dish highlights just a few of these seasonal early birds:...

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Going Green with Southern Collards

By    Posted in Kitchen Tip Tuesday, Side Items

Here in the South, we love our greens. And, lucky for us, they’re highly nutritious. They have been a tradition in Southern kitchens, holding a special place at our tables for more than a century. When using greens, the main thing to learn is how to properly clean them. Trust me, you don’t want to serve grainy, dirty greens....

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Fresh, Delicious, Nutritious Kale Salad

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Dishes that include the nutritious powerhouse kale often take center stage on my dinner table. This salad, which combines a maple-balsamic vinaigrette, bacon, smoked almonds and shaved Parmesan with the kale, is one of our favorites. It’s surprisingly simple and will surely become a favorite at your dinner table, too. While we...

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National Pi Day ~ 3.1415
Mar 14, 15

By    Posted in Arkansas Recipes, Holiday, March

It’s National Pi Day, the day π enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated, because today’s date –March 14, 2015– completes 3.14 with 15, adding Pi’s third and fourth decimal. To celebrate this most fortuitous of March days, why not bake a pie? The pi-sibilities are endless! You could make one of the 231 varieties...

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